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The Basics

This is the basics of Wicca and includes among other things;  

  • What is the history of Witchcraft?

  • What is Wicca? 

  • What is Sacred Space? 

  • What are the Elements? 

  • What are basic tools of the Craft?

  • What are Highest Ideals?

  • What is Karmic debt?

Although there is a lot of material implied within these topics, this is a brief overview for the in-depth study of each of these questions is part of the formal study and life-long pursuit of Pathworking that the Seeker undertakes.  At the heart of the study is the expectations that each person comes to learn in order to grow and develop as an individual.

This course is part of the Community Service a High Priest/ess promises to provide in keeping with their Second Degree vows.  Although it is traditionally provided free of charge, students often offer a small token of gratitude. It would be the equivalent to sending a thank you card.

Traditional offerings can include things like candles, incense, white sage, semi-previous stones etc.  

Wicca 101 can take on many formats.  It can be a one- to two-hour class or a 13-week course.  The latter demands a certain amount of commitment from all parties in order to be successful.  As such the shorter class is offered first and if there is interest a more in-depth commitment can be entertained.