A learning place to share knowledge and experience

We share a love of nature and choose to live in synchronicity with the turning of the seasons.  We honor our Ancestors while being true to ourselves and others.  We value individuality and respect differences of opinion by understanding that each person comes with their own experiences that have shaped their perspective and beliefs.

Intolerance will not be tolerated.



Our Evolution

I received formal training within a Neo-Alexandrian Tradition that incorporated elements from Hermeticism, Taoism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism among other religious paths, which offers a diversity of perspectives and Wisdom arising from the one basic truth that we are all ONE.  Though spiritual Paths differ, like a colorful string of Christmas Lights, the current that runs through them to illuminate them is the same current.

We each have our own way of communing with the Divine and no one has the right to say which is better, or right versus wrong.  In studying diverse Paths one develops philosophies over time which support tolerance and acceptance.  This creates an environment of respectful fellowship among this diversity.  

Recognizing the duality in Divinity we use general terms such as "Lord" and "Lady" to describe polarity, rather than being gender specific.  Each of us carries both masculine/active and feminine/passive characteristics within us to varying degrees.  Like an actor who learns to play many roles, we can tap into this diversity to better commune with the Divine.

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We offer a wide variety of events from basic Wicca 101, and community events, to formal study within The Mystery School. 

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The Basics

Introduction to Wicca offers a brief overview of the basics of Wicca.  This is usually offered as a one to two hour interactive discussion to provide general knowledge of The Craft.


As much or as little as you need

Some people are happy to practice as solitaries with occasional participation in gatherings, while others are looking for that special group of friends to share in deeper learning experiences with.


Formal Training Towards Priest/esshood

Study of the Craft is not just a study of topics or subject matter.  The Journey leads to personal growth.  We often suffer growing pains along the way, so the relationship between Student and Mentor is one of Sacred Trust.